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Employee Concerns and Complaints

在可能的情况下,最好使用非正式的方式与涉及问题的个人和/或部门解决问题. 当这是不合理的或不能导致可接受的结果, 以下列出了报告关注和投诉的正式方式. The forms below are not intended for use in emergency. 如遇对健康、生命、财产或环境构成直接风险的情况,请拨打911.

Discrimination or harassment


How to report

Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form (.PDF)

For more information

Nondiscrimination in employment and education

Related Policy

Metropolitan State University Policy 1010

Primary University Contact

Josefina Landrieu, PhD
负责公平和包容的副总裁,第九条协调员, 651.793.1272
Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 318

Sexual misconduct, harassment or violence

Acts of sexual misconduct, harassment or violence involving students, employees or other University visitors

How to report

不正当性行为、约会/关系暴力、跟踪举报表格 (eForm)

For more information

Title IX

Related Policy

Minnesota State Board Policy 1.B.3

Primary University Contact

Dean of Students, Student Affairs


Type How to report For more information Related Policy Primary University Contact

Student Code of Conduct violation 

Code of Conduct Incident Reporting Form (eform)

Student Code of Conduct

University Policy 1020 – Student Conduct Code


Student mental health or behavioral concerns 

For immediate emergency, dial 911 or campus security.

Concerning Behavior Referral Form (eform) 

下班时间:Metro State CARES服务热线651-793-1568

Student Counseling Services is available for students seeking help for themselves.


Behavioral Intervention Team


Academic Integrity Report (eform)

Academic Integrity policies and procedures

Academic Integrity Policy 2190

Academic Integrity Procedures 219

Associate Provost for Student Success

Employee contract questions or concerns

esb电竞议价单位合同(IFO, MSUAASF, MAPE, AFSCME, MMA等)的问题或关注.)

How to report

Bargaining unit leadership

For more information

MMB Labor Contracts and Salary Plans

University operations policies or standards

涉及员工违反大学政策或标准的问题, safety, financial practices, employee behavior/conduct, or technology use 

How to report


在你觉得需要更正式和/或匿名提交的情况下,使用 EthicsPoint

You may provide your name with your report, if you wish.

For more information

EthicsPoint FAQs

Related Policy

Employee Code of Conduct

Fraudulent or other Dishonest Acts policy

Primary University Contact

Josefina Landrieu, PhD
VP Equity and Inclusion and Title IX Coordination, 651.793.1272, Saint Paul Campus, Founders Hall Room 318